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PokeStories is an online archive completely dedicated to Pokemon stories, mysteries, theories and pastas. There are several rules of this wiki, and three strikes you're out. Trolls shall not be ignored, and they will be tracked down and blocked. Anyone can contribute to this wiki. The main goal for this wiki is to hit 1, 000 pages and 123 members. We all wish you happiness, and good luck on your PokeStory.

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There are several rules on this wiki you need to follow. The rules are as below:

  • No troll pages
  • Only Pokemon story, mystery, theory or pasta related pages are allowed. (with the exception of blog posts).
  • No fully bold pages
  • No cursing, because this archive is supposed to be child-friendly, but cussing is allowed.
  • Report Cyber-Bullies to an Admin, so action could be taken as soon as possible
  • No spam pages
  • Nothing related to any other game ( Exp: Digimon, Kirby and Zelda )
  • No spamming
  • Only Admins, Moderators, and Template Testers are allowed to test unfinised Templates.

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Credits to all the websites involved, even the original Authors if they are copy-pasted . Plus thanks to Arkeis on Deviant Art for the Wallpaper! You could visit Arkeis at his/her website at .

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