~ ANOTHER DEFORMED POKEBALL?! ~

It was a regular day in my town. I was just sitting in my room, playing Pokemon FireRed. I had all 8 badges, had beaten the Elite Four 5 times, and I was just re-doing the trainer battles again out of boredom. I had all my Pokemon at level 80 or higher, and I beat one trainer named "Youngster Joey".

Then, he said this: "Yo, you just beat me 50 times! Heres yourself a P0K3B4LL!" That's what it was named in the bio, "P0K3B4LL". Everytime I used the P0K3B4LL it would immediately catch any Pokemon, like the Master Ball (which I still had). But once I checked my Pokemon or P.C, any of the caught Pokemon were automatically dead, and renamed to "VICTIM".

I wondered why this was happening. I had caught every Pokemon using the P0K3B4LL, except for Mew, so that meant I had 150 Pokemon caught. I knew the Mew glitch, so I glitched him into appearing. I used the P0K3B4LL on Mew, and had caught all 151 Pokemon. As soon as Mew was caught, a chat-box appeared saying "Well done, I have all the sacrifices needed.".

Then, it teleported me to where Youngster Joey was, he then said "Haha! I tricked you! I have all 151 Pokemon! Theres no way I could lose!" Youngster Joey had tricked me into catching all the Pokemon in the Kanto dex... There WAS no way I could win...

I battled him. He squashed me like a bug on the road getting run over by a car, then he said a line after winning the battle... "I will now be known as the World's Strongest Trainer! No-one can stop me! You'll soon find that out, if you play just once more after now..." Then, my Gameboy shut off by itself, I never played the game again...